The 5th ExlibrisExpo Exchange in Changzhou Wujin Exlibris Museum

This exlibris museum is the second national museumin Changzhou Wujin, which created a plantform for exchange and exhibiton andbright convenience to global authors , collectors and fans of exlibris. On thebasis of the 4th Exlibris Expo Exchange, we will improve further, will adhereto our basic principle respectively is the integrity principle and the freeprinciple. Meanwhile, it is being used in launching various of public welfareactivities about exlibris. This museum is located in the center of Wujin, atthe west of the museum is the tourist attraction of Yancheng, and the reverseside is the new world commercial center. Moreover, we can see the citizencircle and regional government in the north, and the lemon community is in theopposite, which owns the beautiful environment and rich culture breath.  Consequently, we hope everybody can give usmore advice and make it better in the future .

The 5th ExlibrisExpo Exchange of Changzhou Wujin will be held from 25th to 27hOctober,2019 in Phoenix Valley Gallery, welcome members and friends to join us.

The Sponsor: Wu Jincultural broadcasting and television press and publication Bureau

                        Wu Jin academy ofpainting and calligraphy

                        Hui Nantian Art Gallery

The Co-Organizer:Shanghai Fu Xian Zhai Exlibris Society

                                  Jiao QiCultural Communication Studio

                                  …….(anotherco-organizers are being negotiating)

The Contractor:Chang Zhou Wu Jin Exlibris Museum

                             Chang Zhou Wu JinHoliday Inn


The notification of the exchange

1. Time and address

(1) time:25/10/2019—27/10/2019

10/25:9:00.a.m----17:00.p.m: registration, arranging the booth and exchange, check inhotel.

10/26: inauguration andvisit at 10.a.m, the exchange meeting and the activity of Taobao in theafternoon.

10/27: Exchange andacademic discussion at 10:00.a.m, exchange, technique demonstration in the afternoon,dinner at night.

10/28: visiting themajor sights at your own expense, then the exchange is end. ( The site ofYancheng; Porim-sa; Moon Bay; Tianning Temple; Darlin Temple; The white DragonView; World Joyland and so on.)
The arrangement will be revised and adjustedaccording to the real situation.

(2) address: ChangZhouWuJin Phoenix Valley YanZhengZhong avenue No. 29 art galley.

The introduction of the art galley: in total, theart galley has five storeys, and every storey’s area is 600 square metres. Thebottom layer is the hall, which can be used to the introduction of openceremony, exhibition as well as activities and so on. The second and thirdfloors are the exhibition rooms, and every exhibition room is neatly 80 meterslong. The forth floor is Hui Nantian art galley, which displays the works ofMr. Nantian Hui and the introduction of his lifetime. The fifth floor is theexlibris museum, and the sixth floor is used to the calligraphy’s office andthe room to create.

The introduction of Chang Zhou Wu Jin HolidayHotel(5 star): It is the biggest branded hotel in Chang Zhou, which have twobanqueting halls that more than 3000 square meters, and can be used to displayvarious of exhibits as well as going on different kinds of exchange activities.Meanwhile, this hotel contains Chinese and Western restaurant, so you can enjoydifferent kinds of food what you like. The holiday hotel will introduce famouspeople in art and literature from elsewhere in order to make the hotel be anArt Hotel. Therefore, welcome different kinds of art exhibition to enter and bestationed in Chang Zhou Wu Jin Holiday Hotel.


2. The topic content of exchange

   a. foreignand Chinese famous artists’ exhibition( tentative)

   b. thecompetition exhibition of exlibris

   c.individual exhibition of foreign and Chinese famous artists( tentative)

   d. NoReserve Auction

   e. thedemonstration of exlibris’ technique

   f. thelecture and seminar of exlibris

Introduction: the contents comply with the realsituation.


3. The registration fee of activity

      Openings one :20 members, the registration fee is 210 EUR or 250 USD (fee maychange according to the real exchange ratefinal deadline for payment:1st September.) who participate in the exchange, and which contains data charges,lodging, meals, memorial book tickets and so on,(inclouding one commemoratingexlibris of the 5th Exlibris Expo Exchange )

      Openings two: Unlimited registration fee of 110 EUR or 125 USD.( Can enjoy thefollowing 1,2,5 treatment ,accommodation by yourself . There is no time limitfor payment.)


   (1).Everybody can get a handbook of Expo Exchange and a collection bookof Ding Jinsheng’s bookplate and that will be published your personalinformation in the handbook. (Need to offer one your photo, one presentationwithin 200 words and one or two different exlibris (HD electronicpicture).Please send a word to our e-mail ( / ), the deadline in on August,2019.

(2).Everybody can getone exlibris which are designed and made by domestic and foreign artistsfamous.

(3).Everybody can havebooth one, can hang more than 8 exhibits and can have a set of chairs andtables.

(4) Per person can provide5 bookplates to participate in Taobao activities.

(5).Can attend a dinnerparty.

NOTE:20 members that paid the registration fee is 210 EUR or 250 USDwould full participate in activties.


Everyone can add thepublishing content and pictures. In the meantime, you should increase the feeas follows.

4.All the people who haven’t paid the registration fees canparticipate in the opening, visit, observation, discussion, Taobao withoutreserve, purchase, exchange, etc., but can’t enjoy any treatment for theregistration fees.

If you need The Third Organizing Committee (TBD) to arrange accommodation, lunch,dinner, dinner reservations, you need to contact us in advance before September1st, because October is the tourist season,accommodation and other special are very busy. When you come, you will pay forthe expenses.


Holiday Inn standard room, single room is 400 RMB(preferential price)

Golden Nandu hotel standard room, single room 300RMB (preferential price)

New Garden Hotel standard room, single room 200 RMB(preferential price)

Other hotel rooms, single room 100 RMB(preferential price)

Lunch, dinner, standard 60 RMB per meal.

Dinner 200 RMB.( Five-star standard)

A manual of the 5thexlibris expo exchange (cost price 100 RMB), quantity limited.

A manual of the 5thexlibris expo exchange, and the souvenirs exlibris (cost price 280 RMB, soeveryone can book in advance, limited quantity; planning 20 commemorativebookplates  and that will be provided tothe registrants in priority .)


Thanks for participators’ effort in the 4thexlibris expo exchange, to this end ,the 5thExlibris Expo Exchange will be held in 2019 and please the exlibris collectionorganizations give us more supports and helps. Also please the authors ,collectors and lovers can actively participate in ,develop the exlibristogether.

Time :25-27/10/2019

Location :Phoenix Valley Gallery

Activities : exlibris contest, exhibitions, presentations,seminars, exchange and communication etc..

Exhibition (TBD), if somebodyneeds a fair exhibition, please contact us and provide exhibits for us.

Sponsor, contractor andco-organizer (TBD)


The ExlibrisCompetition Requirements of the 2018 China ExlibrisExpo Exchange in WuJin District of ChangZhou

The 2018 China Exlibris Expo Seminars invites you tocome and join the Exlibriscompetition, the exlibrismeans reading and collection. We invite you to attend and communicate directlywith other exlibrislovers.

A.      Norestriction and limit about Exlibris’s original theme and creation time. (The competitor can send the magnum opus of each  period as it is  the first time heldsuch competition)

B.       Entries Requested:

   a.)Exhibition must be applied with X1, X2, X3, X5, X6, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7, C8,lithograph, leak edition(S1, S2, S3). Computer printing, photography, painting,paper cutting,electrostatic copy, copy, photographic products and similar workswill not be accepted; Exlibris submittedat least 4 kinds, 3 pieces of each kind; In order tofully display your exlibris creation and production talent,welcome send more excellent works .

   b.) Entries must have a host name and Latinword EXLIBRIS. Universal exlibris will not be accepted.

   c.) The original ofparticipating exlibris usually less than 17cm and without lining and mounting. The white space around in the originalmust more than 1.5 centimeters, and the work must be tidy and no holes.According to international practice, you need to indicate cline to the paintingpaper from left to right in pencil: format, print number, the subject, author'sname, the time to product. The exlibrisdon't write anything on the back, and keep it clean.

   d.)Entriesmust be attached with the introduction of author and collectors, zip code,address and email, and do not paste on the exlibris.

  e.)Thedomestic competition exlibris works which is created after 2006 must haveexact print number. Foreign exlibris which created after 2014must have the exact numberfor example1/100

Taking account of the sponsors can flow exlibris better, wecan better to get help from sponsors in the future, and canbetter to promote the exlibris activities, so pleaseoffer understanding and support.

      f. The works will be notreturned, and the organizers have these rights: exhibition, publishing,collection, publicity, communication, selling, and without paymentof royalties. The participant is deemed to agree with the terms.

C.The way of ranking:

a.) the principle to rank: the principle thatshould embody fair, democracy and concentration, and which choose a way thatcollectors and organizers combine with professors to form the organizingcommittee to rank.

b.)the number of person to gain prize:

The Gold Award: one award ; Prize:5000 RMB

The Sliver Award: two awards; Prize:3000 RMB

The Bronze Award: ten awards; Prize:500 RMB

Excellence Award: twenty awards

    (Inaddition, the person who gain prize can get the Certificate of Honor.and yourworks will be treasured by the museum forever.)

c.)Those who will be selected into the competitionwill be promulgated the certificate of participating in the exhibition, and canbe free to gain a catalogue about the exhibition.

D.The time to exhibit: 10/2019, which is tentative and thereal date will be informed.

E.The place to exhibit: ChangZhou WuJin Phoenix Valley Gallery.

F.The time to stop and the placethat you send by post.

Time: the works to takepart in the competition that should arrive at the destination before 15/08/2019

In addition, the workswhat pass the appointed time that can not participate in the ranking, if thetime is permitted, the works can participate in exhibition and the printingcatalogue.

Address:Phoenix Valley the fifth floor of art galley, YanZhengZhong avenue No. 29,WuJin District, ChangZhou City, JiangSu Province, China (ChangZhou WuJinExlibris Museum) 中国常州武进藏书票博物馆延政中大道29号凤凰谷美术馆五楼

Zip Code: 213161

The phone number of theperson to receive the package: 18861253779 /13358176998

E—mail:  Wechat:gyy-13570


Contact name : GiusyXie (Feiyang) / Rong Wang